Lake Wakatipu Ice Bergs – Sustainable Art Project Queenstown Winter festival 2015

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

Get your school children involved!
The Lake Wakatipu Ice Bergs sustainable art project is a unique initiative that will be displayed in the icy cold waters of Lake Wakatipu at the Auckland Airport Community Carnival on Sunday 28 June 2015 as part of the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival.
Kristin Peren, a local artist will lead the project that is to include school children from the Wakatipu Basin. Taking inspiration from ‘2015 Year of the Light’ and being aware of the need for more of a focus on sustainability within our community, Kristin is proposing working with school children to create unique works of art from used milk containers – floating, lit up ice bergs!

Would your school like to be involved? If the answer is yes, please ensure the following criteria is able to be met –
• Children must commit to collecting milk bottles
• Children attending must be able to bring along a pair of scissors and be able to safely cut milk containers
• School must provide one teacher/parent help for assistance at both workshops
• School must be able to store the art project from beginning until completion and display till 28th of June 2015

This unique initiative will teach children the importance of considering further uses for everyday objects, increase their awareness of good sustainable practice, encourage creativity and teamwork and culminate in the display of an artwork at the Queenstown Winter Festival that they can be proud of.


One response to “Lake Wakatipu Ice Bergs – Sustainable Art Project Queenstown Winter festival 2015

  1. Hi Kristin, I’m presuming you are all underway with this. My kids would have loved to do this but are we way too late?? Cheers, Nicky.

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