The notion of an Event in Transit: What is really happening when some thing happens?

The Event in Transit.

Event in Transit Project, 2014 is a Stop-Motion Video (HD).
[From the series: Semi-Real Photographs]

An Event can be an occurrence that shatters ordinary life, a radical political rupture, the emergence of a religious belief, or an intense experience such as love. After an Event nothing remains the same, even if there are no obvious changes. The Semi-Real photographs depict the altered state of space light as it enters into the Earth’s atmosphere, creating the Aurora Australis, eclipses and mega sunsets.

The Event captured in 2012 by the artist in the South Island using a camera obscura and digital camera was reframed into The Event in Transit Project. This is a recording of a rare moment when the planet Venus travels across the front of the Sun and is witnessed on Earth as a black dot navigating the Sun’s disc. This phenomenon is rarely seen.

The Transit of Venus will next appear in our skies 10–11 December, 2117 and it is unlikely that any of our present day population will be alive to witness this historic event.

The stop motion projection will allow people to experience this once in a life time moment and participate by making their own event by being photographed with it and by tagging into a Facebook page and adding to the digital Venus Time Capsule which will be placed in a digital archive for future Transit of Venus documentation.

The Event in Transit Project references the original scientific project of recording the Transit of Venus on 3 June 1769 that sent the Endeavour and its crew to New Zealand’s shores.

Specific location for placement of the work
A wall or screen or alleyway is required so the Event in Transit can be projected. This will allow people access to the projection to capture their own selfies with the Transit of Venus, participating with the Event, the image, and history.


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