Free Beauties

Light off Free Beauties Free Beauties sans light Water colours light sequence Making programme with blues Mixing colour Control box Captured light

Free Beauties is a epoxy resin, LED light sculpture that was exhibited at Te Aro Park for the Lux Festival 2013, Wellington. Free Beauties explores the search for the Modern Sublime through altered states and changes in technology and how these in turn create social change. Historically utopian altered states are the product of societies that pursue their ‘progressive’ ideals at the expense of a lost paradise. My creative expressions explore several of these ‘paradises’ found and lost in the pursuit of progress and ask the question “what is it that we value most? Is it what we have now or what we have lost?”

Free Beauties looks into the historical references that surround the sighting of land from Captain Cooks Endeavour in October 1769 and the gathering of flora and fauna by Sir Joseph Banks and Mr Solander at Tolaga Bay. The unique moment in time and habitat that was captured, and the flora becomes part of the metamorphosis between two worlds. The light sculpture engages with space and digitally directs the narrative, allowing space to be experienced in a contemporary artwork.


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